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Toronto Commissioner of Oaths

In Ontario, the commissioning practice is administered by the Commissioners for Taking Affidavits Act (hereinafter the “Act”). A commissioner is a person authorized by the province to take oaths, affidavits, affirmations, and declarations following the Act. In general, most designated commissioners are confined to the types of services they give and the conditions in which services are given. If a person wants to be appointed as a commissioner of oaths in Toronto, Ontario, a legal requirement for the appointment is required in light of his/her business or association with a volunteer organization.
Toronto Commissioner of Oaths

Difference Between a Commissioner of Oaths and a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits

Add Correct Content In Your Document

There’s no difference between a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits and a Commissioner of Oaths; both are the same. The entitled person may manage affirmations and oaths, as well as take affidavits and statutory declarations as authorized or obligated by law. It is essential to keep in mind that an appointment as a commissioner of oaths Toronto does not allow a person to approve or verify documents.
If you are required to sign a legal document of your oath, the content of the document is your sole responsibility. When you are taking an oath, you are recognized as the “deponent.” A deponent is a person whose signature is being commissioned to assure the content of the affidavit. As a deponent, you need to understand all the information in the document to which you are attesting. You also understand that by affirming an oath, you are attesting that those details are correct.

Documents That Can Be Signed

The Commissioner signs affidavits and statutory declarations to the following:
  • Permissions to travel
  • Declaration about residency (with the following documentation)
  • Vehicle transfers
  • Insurance claims
  • Change or proof of the ownership of the vehicle
  • Statutory declarations on government-related forms
  • Pension program documents
* If a Commissioner of oaths in Mississauga has any doubts about the identity of the deponent or the content of the document for any reason, he/she may reject to sign the document and the deponent will be referred to a lawyer or paralegal.

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