Sponsorship Appeal

Canada Sponsorship Appeal

When it comes to permanent citizenship, many people think that marriage is the only way for their spouse to come to Canada. But, this is not the case because many times the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) refuses a spouse visa sponsorship application for numerous reasons. We know how to cope with such cases! At Move Immigration Services, we have experienced consultants who would love to help you with spousal Canada sponsorship appeals cases. Generally, for the Canada spouse visa refusal appeal, there are two options for the sponsor:
  • Re-apply the spousal sponsorship application
  • File sponsorship appeal via the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) of the Immigration and Refugee Board in Canada (IRB).
Canada Sponsorship Appeal

Canada Sponsorship Appeal Application

If IRCC has declined your Canada sponsorship appeal application, you may appeal to the IAD. However, you can not appeal if your family member is inadmissible to Canada due to:
  • Imprisoned for two years or more due to a serious criminal activity
  • Involvement to organize a crime
  • Security threats
  • Human or international rights violations
  • Misrepresentation
If your application wasn’t refused for any reason listed above, you must appeal ASAP. There are some strict appeal deadlines, and you have to file an appeal to the IAD within 30 days. Therefore, it is essential to take legal counsel instantly. You may miss this opportunity if you never knew that the 30-day time period to appeal existed. The appeal process in Canada includes two parties including, the appellant and Minister’s counsel who represent Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Also, as the process is public, anyone may attend the process or report on the procedures.

Re-Applying To Sponsor A Spouse

If you want to apply for the sponsorship application, your preference would be to submit a successful application in a single go. But, if it is refused on the first attempt, you will strive to re-apply the application. However, IRCC has a copy of the previously refused visa application and refers to it on a second sponsorship application. It is important to clarify all of the past mistakes found in the prior application. Our immigration consultants assure you that your subsequent applications follow all the guidelines required by the IRCC.

How do Move Immigration Services help With Spousal Sponsorship Appeals?

We love to help our clients and bring their loved ones to Canada. So, before considering the best possibility to deal with a spousal sponsorship appeal refusal application, schedule a consultation with one of our immigration consultants who will help you understand your case and find the best option for Canada sponsorship appeals for you.