Financial Inadmissibility

Financial Inadmissibility Canada

If you want to enter Canada, you can fulfill all the basic requirements to be admissible to Canada. Also, failing to meet several conditions of the financial resources will be considered financially inadmissible in Canada. According to section 39 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), foreign nationals will be inadmissible to Canada if they do not have sufficient funds to support themselves or family.
financial inadmissibility

How to Overcome Financial Inadmissibility?

Refused To Enter Canada Due to Financial Reasons

If you consider being financially inadmissible, you can overcome financial inadmissibility and address your issue to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This financial inadmissibility process is called procedural fairness. To prove that you have not received any social assistance, you will need to attend an interview with IRCC. Also, you should highlight your work experience, skills, and education and provide all necessary documents that support your admissibility claim.
In addition, you can apply for humanitarian and compassionate grounds to overcome financial inadmissibility if you believe your situation is suitable for such a claim.
To get entry into Canada, you will need to satisfy an officer by showing your ability to have enough financial funds to support yourself and your family. However, if you fail to prove that you have an adequate income from Canada entrepreneur program, skilled work, or investments, you may find it to be a potential burden to the Canadian government. As a result, your entry to Canada will get refused.

Determination Process of Financial Inadmissibility Canada

The financial inadmissibility determination process is done after the review of evidence that holds the current financial position of the foreign citizen. It includes:
  • bank accounts statements;
  • letter of employment;
  • Payslips of the contemporary and past employment
  • payroll
  • Statutory declarations or support letters from relatives or friends that confirm your current financial situation;
  • Notifications of Assessment.
Documentation confirming inadmissibility that may be relied upon in deciding inadmissibility may include:
  • evidence of dependence on social aid;
  • statements from social assistance authorities.
  • canceled receipts;
  • compensation cheques;
For the family sponsorship Canada, if the sponsor has received benefits due to disability, it is essential to show that they have not received any profits from these disability payments as this would render the foreign citizen inadmissible.

How Move Immigration Services Can Help To Enter Canada

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