Immigration Refugee Board

Immigration Refugee Board Canada

The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) is the largest self-governing legislative tribunal in Canada. The Immigration Refugee Board Canada is responsible for making law-based fair, efficient, and logical decisions on immigration and refugee matters.
Immigration Refugee Board Canada


Role of CBSA

The IRB is also responsible to decide who requires refugee protection from thousands of applicants who come to Canada every year. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is a government agency that handles matters related to immigration and refugees. IRCC decides claims for refugee protection made abroad at Canadian government offices and embassies. It is also responsible for choosing immigrants, giving Canada visit visas, and allowing citizenship. IRCC also decides the eligibility of all refugee protection claims made in Canada and refers qualified claims to the Immigration Refugee Board Canada for a decision.
The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is a federal law enforcement agency responsible for doing requirement functions identified with immigration and refugee-related matters, including incorporating removal, detention, intelligence, investigations, and immigration control works abroad. The IRB reports to Parliament through the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, however, it stays independent from IRCC and the Minister.
We believe refugees and immigrants are an essential part of Canadian history and will continue to help shape our future. All choices of the Immigration Refugee Board Canada affect the lives and security of the people showing up before the IRB. They contribute to the security of Canadians, the sincerity of Canada’s immigration and refugee systems, and the strength and diversity of our country. Refugees and immigrants have consistently been part of Canadian history and will keep on aiding and shaping our future.

Immigration Refugee Board (IRB) Services

IRB is responsible for appeals against immigration decisions and refugee claims. Its services include investigating:
  • Information to claim refugee status
  • Information to claim the status of Canada refugee
  • Information for refugee applicants in Canada
  • Information for the Refugee appeal, i.e., how to register for a refugee appeal
  • Information for counsels and legal agents for refugee claimants
  • Information regarding the Refugee Protection Division
  • Relevant refugee status forms for filing in Canada
  • The relevant numbers and statistics for Refugee

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