Entrepreneur Program

Canada Entrepreneur Program

Entrepreneurs who wish to start their small businesses and startups in Canada can apply for the Canada Entrepreneur program. Canada is a country that helps small businesses and startups to reach new heights as they work together to support the economy and generate jobs for its Canadian citizens and permanent residents like yourself.
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Quebec Entrepreneur Program

Federal Startup Visa

If an individual has expertise in business and intermediate knowledge of the French language, he/she may be qualified to receive a Canada business immigration entrepreneur visa by creating or getting a business in the Quebec province.
Entrepreneurs who grow businesses in Canada with their experience and funding from recognized Canadian private sector companies obtain a Canadian entrepreneur visa in return for expanding the economy and generating job opportunities for citizens and residents like yourself.

Federal Immigration Entrepreneur Program

Provincial Nominee Programs for Entrepreneurs Immigration Canada

*This program was no longer available*

To qualify for the Canadian business immigration Entrepreneur program, applicants must establish a business and obtain at least 33.33% of assets within an eligible Canadian business that generates at least one new job within the economy.

Several provinces run their own entrepreneur stream of the provincial nominee program and nominate applicants through the Canada entrepreneur program. If an individual is willing to establish and run a business within a particular province, he must meet the eligibility requirements set by the province and be nominated for Permanent Residence.

OINP Entrepreneur Stream

The OINP Entrepreneur Stream is for entrepreneurs who live outside of Canada and are interested in starting, buying, or immigrating to an existing business in Ontario. Stages of Entrepreneur Stream application The Canada Entrepreneur Stream application has a two-stage process. Stage 1:
  • Register yourself for an expression of interest via email
  • Submit your online application
  • You and your business partner (if suitable) give an obligatory in-person interview at the OINP office in Toronto
  • If you successfully pass the stage 1 application, you need to sign a performance agreement
Stage 2
  • The Province of Ontario issues a support letter of temporary work permit Canada that help you in applying to IRCC for a temporary work permit
  • An entrepreneur has 20 months to establish a business plan and submit a final report
  • If a business fulfills all requirements, an individual needs to provide documentation to ensure that you are eligible for permanent residence nomination.

Mandatory Requirements For Entrepreneur Stream:

To qualify under the Entrepreneur Stream, you and your business partner (if applicable) must meet the eligibility requirements. You must:
      1) Have twenty-four (24) months of full-time business experience in the last 60 months.
      2) Have at least a net worth of 800,000 CDN, if you live in the Greater Toronto Area
      3) Have at least a net worth of 400,000 CDN if you live outside of the Greater Toronto Area
      4) If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, you must have at least personal assets of $600,000 CDN and control a minimum of one-third of the property in the business.
      5) If you live outside of the Greater Toronto Area, you must have at least personal assets of $200,000 CDN and control a minimum of one-third of the property in the business.
      6) Actively involved in business management.
      7) Your investment in the business must make a profit.
      8) Generate at least two full-time permanent employment opportunities for Canadian citizens or permanent residents if you live in the Greater Toronto Area and generate at least one full-time employment opportunity for Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

How Move Immigration Services May Help You

If you are an entrepreneur and willing to start a new business in Canada, Move Immigration Services can help you immigrate and establish your business in Canada. We have qualified and IRCC Canada approved consultants that review your eligibility and contact you to discuss your options for the Canada Entrepreneur program. Feel free to call us at +1 (416) 996-0786 or email us at info@moveimmigration.com.