Canada PR Card Renewal Application

Apply For PR Card Renewal

Permanent Canadian residents are advised to carry a valid PR card at all times. The permanent resident’s PR card allows them to provide proof of Canada permanent resident application status and move freely inside and outside the country. A permanent resident can apply for a new Canada PR card renewal if their existing PR card is about to expire or has expired. They have nine months to apply for a new Canada PR Card renewal application.
Apply For PR Card Renewal

Eligibility For PR Card Renewal

How To Get Canada New PR Card?

To be eligible for a Canada PR card renewal application, you must meet the following criteria:
  • Must be a Canadian permanent resident
  • Must be physically available in Canada.
  • Not a valid removal order.
  • Free from punishment for any crime
  • Not a Canadian citizen or registered Indian under the Indian Act.
  • Must have proof of lost or stolen Canada PR card
If you are a permanent resident of Canada, your card will be sent to you. However, you may need to pick it up at the local IRCC office in some cases. The IRCC must be notified if your mailing address changes. If you do not retrieve your card within 180 days, it will be destroyed. If you live outside of Canada, you will not receive it by post and must pick it up upon arrival in the country. If your PR card expires before you return to Canada, you must apply for a permanent resident travel document. It is suitable for just one re-entry for the explicit purpose of renewing your PR card.

How To Apply For PR Card Renewal Canada?

To apply for a PR card renewal, you must complete an application that includes a form IMM 5444e and the required documents. The following documents are required:
  • Your first PR card has expired or will expire soon.
  • You can keep your card until a new card is issued if it is about to expire.
  • In case of loss or theft of a PR card, proof of lost or stolen PR card is required.
  • A copy of an existing travel document is required, such as a clear passport photocopy.
  • Clear photos that conform to the guide’s image standards. Other forms of identification may be necessary.
  • The criminal record shows that you have never been convicted of anything.
  • Other required documents
In addition to the documents listed above, you may need to provide the following:
  • A copy of the Permanent Residence Verification Record.
  • A copy of a valid identity document, such as a driver’s license, student ID, or photo ID card.
  • Current tax documents.
  • A birth certificate is required if the applicant is under 18 years of age.

Processing Time for PR Card Renewal

Processing time is expected to be around 90 days. New PR cards can be issued within 45 days. On its website, the IRCC will disclose the correct processing time frame. Depending on the number of applications the IRCC is working on, this can take up to 6 months. Processing difficult situations can take up to a year.

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