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Canada Visit Visa

A visit visa is also known as a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). It is a legal document that permits foreign nationals to enter Canada. Whether you belong to a visa-exempt country or visiting Canada as a student or temporary worker, a Canada visit visa is a must-have.
Visit Visa Canada

Types of Canadian Visitor Visa

How to Apply for A Visitor Visa Canada

There are two types of Canada visitor visas:
  • Single entry visas
  • Multiple entry visas
Single-entry visas permit foreign nationals to visit Canada only one time. Multiple entry visas permit foreign nationals to visit Canada for six months as many times as they want to visit, as long as the visa is valid. The visa can be valid for up to 10 years. You are not required to apply for multiple or single visas as the applicants are automatically considered for Canada to visit visa multiple entries. Single-entry visas are only issued under certain conditions.
Anyone who wants to travel to Canada but does not has a Canada permanent resident card or is otherwise, visa-exempt requires a visitor visa. Canadian permanent residents and Canadian residents, including dual residents, are not allowed to apply for a visitor visa in Canada.
Applicants can apply for a visitor visa online with a paper application or visit a Visa Application Center (VAC). If you are going with your family, each family member, including dependent children, must be required to fill out their own application. But, you may submit family visitor visa applications together.
Biometric information is also required in the application, depending on your country of citizenship. Documents required for a Canada tourist visa include the biometric submission with your fingerprints and photo at a biometric collection service point. The information can be collected after the submission of a Canada visitor visa application when you are incited to do as such. It may also be collected as a submission if you submit it directly to a person at a Visa Application Center (VAC).

Extending a Canada Visitor Visa Applications

The validity for the visitor visas, whether a Canada visit visa multiple or single entries, for up to six months. When your legal status expires, you must leave Canada.
Otherwise, legal actions can be taken against you. If foreign nationals want to extend their stay, they must apply for a visa extension when their temporary resident visa status is valid. You need to apply for an extension of at least 30 days before your status expires. During this period, if your current visit visa is expired and your extension application is under process, you may remain in Canada and wait for a decision. This is called implied status.

How Move Immigration Services May Help

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