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Refugee Application

Foreign nationals who left their country due to persecution based on race, colour, religion, or other factors including, loss of life or cruel punishment, often seek refugee in Canada. The Canadian refugee program allows refugees to stay and even apply for Canada permanent resident card status. The Refugee Protection Division is the tribunal branch of the IRB (Immigration and Refugee Board) that decides whether the applicant will grant refugee status or not.
Refugee Application

Eligibility For Canada Refugee Application Process

There are various steps for the Canadian refugee application process. Find the detail below:
Not everyone is eligible to apply for a refugee visa application form in Canada. You are likely to face rejection if you:
  • Made a refugee claim ever before in Canada
  • Are identified as a refugee in another foreign country and can be returned to that country;
  • Entered Canada via a designated “safe third country”;
  • Are involved in serious criminal activity, organized crime, or violating human or international rights
  • Are deemed inadmissible due to security concerns or threats.
Note: Canada has approved an agreement with the United States naming the U.S. as a “safe third country.” A person coming from or even just crossing through the U.S. is not eligible to apply for refugee status at a Canadian border crossing by land. They will return to the U.S.
If an immigration officer believes that the claimant is eligible for refugee status, the file is transferred to the IRB. The IRB decides whether you are a genuine and deserving refugee in Canada. Once determined, you are required to initially complete a Personal Information Form (PIF) and submit it to the IRB.
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If the IRB recognizes that you are a genuine refugee, it will grant you refugee-protected status, which is easy to apply for Canadian permanent residence inside Canada. On the contrary, if the IRB recognizes that you are not a genuine refugee, it will reject your application. Before a decision, an application is also requested for judicial review from the Federal Court of Canada.
If you are dismissed in Federal Court as well, your removal from Canada becomes possible. Before the order of removal, the claimant can request a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA). The same rules follow for PRRA as in a refugee claim, but in this case, the decision is taken by Canadian immigration officials, not IRB. If you are not eligible to make a refugee claim, you are qualified for a Canada Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA). Individuals whose refugee claim has been rejected, withdrawn or abandoned may apply for a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA). This PRRA is an opportunity for individuals to seek protection by describing the risks they may face if they deport from Canada in written documents.