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Commissioner For Taking Affidavits

The Commissioner for taking affidavits may take oaths and statutory declarations as permitted or required by law.

Canada PR Card Renewal Application

You must have a permanent resident card to enter or take a flight into Canada, so getting one is very important.

Canada Procedural Fairness Letter

An immigration officer will send an FPL to a visa applicant in response to any complaints regarding your application.

Canada Study Permit

Foreign nationals who wish to study at designated educational institutions (DLIs) in Canada must have a study permit.

Canada Express Entry

Express Entry is the fastest-growing and most popular route for immigrants who want to resettle in Canada.

Notary Public

A notary public is responsible for verifying the legality of your most important transactions.

Canada Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship

A Canadian or permanent resident can sponsor a parent or grandparent to immigrate to Canada.

Temporary Resident Visa

You must have a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) in your passport to enter or re-enter Canada.

Student Visa

A student visa in Canada renew your study visa and learn about employment opportunities during or after your studies.

Visit Visa

An official document attached to your passport is a visit visa issued by a Canadian visa office.

Work Permit Visa

A work permit is a legal document that enables a foreign national to work in Canada.

Super Visa

The Super Visa is to deal with the backlog of applications from visitors requesting an extended stay in Canada.

Care Giver Visa

You can work temporarily or move to Canada permanently as a caregiver, among other options.

Post Graduate Work Permit

A work permit is a legal document that enables a foreign national to work in Canada.

Permanent Residency

A permanent resident is a person who has immigrated to Canada and obtained permanent residence status.


Several permanent residency schemes are available to anyone looking to immigrate to Canada.

Refugee Application

Refugees are allowed to stay in Canada and obtain permanent resident status under the country’s refugee program.

Humanitarian and Compassionate applications

Humanitarian and compassionate applications for Canadian permanent residence are submitted from within Canada.

Investor Program

The Canada Investor Program seeks investors who can contribute to Canada’s growth by making significant investments.

Provincial Nominee

PNP provide a pathway to permanent residence in Canada for people who want to come to a specific Canadian territory.


Canada offers businesses new heights to strengthen the Canadian economy and provide jobs for its people and permanent residents.


Find information about adopting a child in Canada and resources to help you and the adopter through the adoption process.

Spouse Visa

A Canadian citizen can sponsor their spouse to immigrate to Canada and establish permanent residence.

Citizenship Visa Application

Learn ways of applying for Canadian citizenship, apply to become a citizen, and prepare for the citizenship test.

Detention Case

If the CBSA is unable to satisfy foreign nationals or permanent residents, they can detain them.

Citizenship Certificate

If you were granted Canadian citizenship, you will get a citizenship certificate after your citizenship ceremony.


If you are a permanent resident of Canada and a deportation order has been issued against you, you can appeal to the IAD.

Immigration Refugee Board

The IRB, Canada’s largest independent administrative tribunal, is charged with making informed decisions on immigration and asylum issues.

Immigration Division

The Immigration Division (ID), one of the IRB’s four departments, is responsible for both admissibility and detention determinations.


If you are deemed inadmissible for any reason, you may be denied a visa or eTA, denied entry into Canada, or deported from Canada.

Financial Inadmissibility

If a foreign national cannot support themselves or a dependent, they may be considered financially inadmissible to Canada.

Medical Inadmissibility

If a person’s medical condition could harm public health or safety, they may be deemed medically inadmissible to enter Canada.

Immigration Appeal Division

The IAD is the division of the IRB hearing appeals on various immigration issues such as removal orders, sponsorship, and residence restrictions.

Removal Order Appeals

A foreign national may be eligible for a stay of removal within 30 days after receiving an order of removal, departure, or deportation.

Residency Appeals

If you are a permanent resident and CIC notifies you that your PR status has been terminated, you have 60 days to file a residency appeal.

Sponsorship Appeals

If a permanent resident receives a denial letter for their sponsorship visa, they are eligible for a sponsorship appeal within 30 days.


Refugees are allowed to remain in Canada, are eligible to obtain PR status, and are ultimately eligible to apply for citizenship.

Refugee Protection Division

Refugee protection claims submitted to Canada are heard and decided by the RPD of the IRB.

Refugee Appeal Division

The RAD, a tribunal division of the IRB, handles appeals of refugee claims that have been rejected by the RPD.

Humanitarian and Compassionate

People who apply but are not granted permanent residence in Canada may be granted permission to do so on H&C grounds.

Residence Questionnaire

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will ask you to fill out a residency questionnaire to ensure that residency criteria are met.

Pre-Removal Risk Assessment

If you are about to be deported from Canada, you may qualify for a PRRA to explain your fear of being returned to your country of origin.

Judicial Review

Courts use judicial review to ensure that the decisions of administrative bodies are fair, reasonable and lawful.

Refused Visa

If your Canada visa application is denied, you can reapply at any time unless your decision letter expressly specifies that you are not permitted to enter Canada.