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Refused Visa

Applying for a Canada immigration application is not an easy job. If an applicant does not meet the requirements, the visa gets refused. The Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada (IRCC) issues the refusal in a letter describing the Canadian refused application visa grounds.
Refused Visa Application

Why Did Your Canadian Immigration Application Get Refused

When Canadian immigration applications get submitted to Canadian immigration, a visa officer is liable for evaluating the application and assessing whether the application should be accepted or refused. The immigration officer has standards for making decisions on immigration cases. These standards are discovered in the Immigration Manuals as well as Immigration Regulations. When Canadian visa applications fail to fulfil the guidelines and standards set out in the Immigration Regulations and Manuals, the expected result is visa rejection.
However, in several cases, Canadian immigration officers make errors in their decisions. They are often rigorous in their interpretation of the standards, or sometimes they do not analyze all the information and documentation in a visa application. Whatever the reason for the refused visa, it is necessary to appeal the visa refusal as quickly as possible.
There can be several grounds for a Canadian immigration visa application refusal, including;
  • Not to show accurate and genuine supporting legal documents
  • Failure to provide sufficient financial funds for your visit or stay in Canada
  • Criminal background
  • Not meet proper health standards
  • Not to explain adequately the reason for travel
  • Violate human rights
  • Provide false or misleading information
  • Other possible reasons
If your visa application gets denied, don’t panic. The best opportunity for you is to reapply for a refused application visa with accurate information and documentation.
You can also reapply with an improved application if you provide adequate documentation. In case of any change in your current situation, you need to provide additional information. Analyzing your refused application visa will assist in realizing how you can strengthen the refusal grounds.
If an individual gets refused application visa notification, this is not a final decision. You could request to reconsider your immigration visa application if the same was rejected by calling erred or inadequate information. Ensure that you show all the accurate supporting documentation and appropriate material information in your reply. Consulting a professional and experienced Immigration consultant will assist you to give a strong response.
If you are looking for a skilled and qualified/licensed consultant for a visa application refused? A qualified and experienced immigration consultant will assist you in finding the most suitable approach to take your case ahead and accept that desirable Canadian visa. They will support you to interpret the reasons behind the visa refusal.
Connect with the consultants of Move Immigration Services that thoroughly review your refused visa application and find different strategies that can help to reapply or request reconsideration for a visa refusal. Our skilled and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) will aid in achieving the Canadian immigration work visa and accomplishing your dreams of business, study, travel or visiting your family in Canada.
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