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Notary Public

Swon, DecIn Ontario, the notarizing practice is administered by the Notaries Act (the “Act”). A notary public is a person who serves as a third-party witness to the execution and has the power to govern solemn affirmations, oaths, and declarations that are used for affidavits A notary public witnesses and attests signature(s) of documents and then certifies documents to be authentic copies of the original. In various cases, having your document notarized is a fundamental initial step for the document authentication and legalization process.
Notary Public Mississauga
A certified true copy is a copy of your document certified by a notary public as a true copy of the original. A notary public compares a copy of the document to the original, and then stamps and signs this copy, marking it as a certified true copy. Certified true copies can be used when you don’t want your true documents to be marked up by the authentication and legalization process. However, care must be taken because not all foreign authorities or diplomatic missions will accept certified and verified true copies.
Sometimes, it’s difficult for an individual to meet with one of our notaries. And, sometimes there is an excessive number of people, and the individual is unable to sign a document. Move Immigration Services can arrange a mobile notary service with signatories in person at its location to notarize or commission your documents. When you are incapable to visit our office, we can come to you. Our certified team of consultants is always available to serve you at your door sept at your location.
  • An Oath commissioner officially states that the required oath or affirmation or declaration has been properly administered.
  • An Oath commissioner does not verify the validity of the statements contained in a document; which is the responsibility of declarants or deponents.
  • In almost all Canadian provinces, a commissioner of oath must administer the declaration or oath by law. The deponent needs to be physically present before an Oaths Commissioner.
  • The commissioners of oaths need to satisfy themselves about the authenticity of the deponent or declarant identity and signature before signing the documents.
Sworn is a statement that speaks by a person and makes a promise to God that he/she is telling the truth. An affirmation is an oral, solemn and formal declaration that the contents are true. It is mostly preferred to those who are non-religious or feel that the oaths are an incorrect or sinful act. A written or signed statement made with an affirmation is known as a declaration, while a written or signed statement made with an oath is known as an affidavit. The real use of those words is not intensely accurate. Functionally, they are similar.
Move Immigration Services is an experienced Paralegal, qualified Notaries and Commissioners of Oath. We have an authorized paralegal by the Law Society of Ontario, and his notary signatures are registered with Official Documents Services Canada.
Getting started is simple, just contact us at +1 (416) 996-0786 or drop us an email at
If you want to get your business and personal documents notarized instantly and efficiently, be ready to:
  • Bring original, government-issued photo ID
  • Make sure that you bring all of the documents that you need to notarize.
  • Check that all of the papers are complete and ready for signature.
Oath Commissioners are persons who are authorized by provincial authority to verify and witness the swearing of oaths or solemn affirmations, to take an affidavit for any potential legal affairs. Oath Commissioners are also authorized to witness any statutory declaration. The person making an affirmation, swearing an oath, or making a declaration is known as a “deponent” or “declarant.”
The differences between a commissioner for taking affidavits and a notary public are that the notary public is authorized to notarize legal documents whereas an Oath Commissioner is authorized to administer an oath or to verify the truth to an individual who is taking affidavits.
Due to the Covid-19 situation or if you are facing any trouble visiting our office, we can arrange a mobile oath commissioner service for you. Move Immigration Services, a notary public and a commissioner of oath, provides you with professional mobile Oath Commissioner services in the safety and ease of your own home in Ontario, Canada. Just set an appointment and know more about our Commissioner of Oaths services, by simply filling out the inquiry form from our website or email us at
Our professional consultant will come to your given location. You must collect and prepare all the legal documents that require the signature of an Oath Commissioner. Zaheer Abbas is a professional consultant and will determine the requirement of your notarization process, and work with you to get it done immediately. We offer a broad range of Notary Public services in various regions within and around the “Greater Toronto Area”, including but not limited to Mississauga, Toronto, Burlington, Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Hamilton, Ajax, Oshawa and more.