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International adoption is a type of process in which an individual or couple becomes a legal and permanent parent(s) of a child from another country. In Canada, you only become eligible to adopt a child if you are a Canadian resident or permanent residence visa.
Adoption Visa in Canada

How to Apply For Adoption Visa in Canada

You can start sponsoring a child as soon as you decide to adopt or wait until you find a child and begin the adoption process in Canada. Every year around 2,000 international children are adopted by residents or permanent citizens of Canada. Citizenship and Immigration strive to manage these adoption processes as fast as could really be expected. However, the process of international adoption is long.
For all international adoptions, you (the applicant) need to go through two separate processes, including:
  • The adoption process, and
  • The citizenship or immigration process.
To become eligible for international adoption in Canada, you must fulfil the following requirements of the adoption:
  • Canadian territory/province where you live, or the country where you live if you are living abroad, and
  • The child adoption authority of the country
The federal government is only involved in the Immigration or Citizenship adopted child process. The process for adoption is the responsibility of the territories or provinces.
Under the Hague Convention, Canada has a Federal Central Authority called the Intercountry Adoption Services (IAS). It is a unit in IRCC. The role of the IAS is to:
  • Directly work with the provincial and territorial Central Authorities to get and disseminate data to Canadian provincial and territorial authorities as well as international authorities. It involves data for international and Canadian adoption law, requirements for adoption criteria, and international adoption methods and rules.
  • Facilitate communication, co-operation, and coordinated activities between provincial/federal/territorial Central Authorities, both inside the government and with international Central Authorities.
  • Facilitate resolution issues and promote pan-Canadian responses on matters such as illegal and irregular adoption methods
For international adoption, you need to work with your territorial or provincial adoption Central Authority. The territorial or provincial adoption Central Authority will:
  • Notify you if you need to contact a licensed adoption agency
  • Obtain information on the adoption laws of the country from which you wish to adopt
  • Describe the requirement of the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoptions
If you want to bring your adopted child to Canada, it is mandatory to apply for Canada immigration or Citizenship (Permanent Residency) for the child.
International adoption is considered the most complex kind of adoption. The laws and requirements on international adoption vary from country to country. Move Immigration Services supports various applicants to apply for the international adaptation process. Our immigration consultants guide you in the best possible way to complete your international adaptation procedure most efficiently.
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