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How To Get Your First Canadian Citizenship Certificate

Anyone born abroad to at least one Canadian parent can submit an application for a Canadian citizenship certificate. In this situation, since the applicant is already eligible for citizenship, they must go through the standard application process, including attending a citizenship ceremony, taking a knowledge test, and physically becoming a permanent resident. It involves being present. Applying for a certificate of citizenship, sometimes known as proof of citizenship, is an alternative.

Obtaining Citizenship In Canada

Legal parents at birth, as well as biological and adoptive parents, can grant Canadian citizenship. Before a particular age, a child born outside Canada is not required to apply to Canadian parents. They can do this at any point in their life. You can submit applications for minor children from the time of their birth, and those 18 years of age or older can submit their application for proof of Canadian citizenship.

Whether their Canadian parents are living or not, a citizen child can request proof of Canadian citizenship. Anywhere in the world where a child of Canadian parents is born is subject to these regulations.

Application Process for Canadian Citizenship Proof

A child who has inherited his/her parent’s Canadian citizenship does not need to apply for naturalization like a foreign national. It is because they already have Canadian citizenship and need only documents to support it.

A child of Canadian parents needs to apply to IRCC proving two things:

  1. That his parents had Canadian citizenship at the time of his birth;
  2. Confirming that their parents are Canadian citizens.

The application process is significantly different for children adopted by Canadian parents and involves an additional step. The applicant must first demonstrate that their adoption was legal both in the country where it took place and in Canada if they moved here to live. Then, just as stated earlier, they must show that their parents were Canadian at the time of adoption.

Process Times – Canadian Citizenship Document

It takes longer than converting an initial certificate of Canadian citizenship.

It usually takes one year to process and provides a first-time applicant’s application for a Canadian citizenship certificate from Canada or the United States. Processing timeframes for applicants outside Canada and the US are often closer to 1.5 years.

If a candidate has exceptional circumstances that necessitate processing a case rapidly, they may request accelerated processing. The following situations call for immediate processing of your first citizenship application:

  • A job offer from Canada
  • admission to a Canadian institution

These are some of the most common justifications for immediate action, while some additional acceptable justifications.


Hiring Canadian immigration consultants to help you through the process is essential to avoid any inconsistencies throughout the application process. An experienced immigration advisor will ensure you meet all the requirements and help you continue demonstrating your Canadian citizenship.

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