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Residence Questionnaire

Citizenship and Immigration Canada sends you the residence questionnaire, a part of the Canadian Citizenship application, and asks you to complete the questionnaire to confirm details about your relations with Canada over the last five years. You have to respond in 45 business days with the proper legal documents. If you fail to respond within the given time, IRCC will add an extra 30 business days to answer the questionnaire. If you still do not respond to the Canadian citizenship residence questionnaire, your application for a Canadian citizenship certificate will be rejected (Abandoned).
Residence Questionnaire

Documents Requirements In Residence Questionnaire

The purpose of completing the questionnaire is to show a history of your physical presence in Canada to IRCC for 1095 days. The proof can include consulting a doctor in Canada, going to school/college in Canada, spending money in Canada, working in Canada, belonging to social communities or organizations in Canada, etc. When you respond to the residence questionnaire, you have to provide documents that show that you were physically present in Canada. These may include:
  • Proof of Residence
  • Absences from Canada
  • Proof of Education
  • Evidence of Property or
  • Business Ownership
  • Proof of Employment
  • Additional items
Sometimes it is better not to respond for additional documentation. If you receive the citizenship Residence Questionnaire and believe that you haven’t sufficient documents that may defend your case, it’s better not to respond. If you don’t respond to IRCC’s residence questionnaire, they will send you several letters asking you to answer.
If you still do not respond, your application for Canadian citizenship will be Abandoned’, and the application will be closed. You will get a partial refund of your citizenship application fees from IRCC.
It is a dangerous crime to provide misinformation on any application to IRCC. Providing false or misleading statements made on a Canadian citizenship application, PR application, or Residence Questionnaire can lead to the cancellation of your PR status or Canadian citizenship and your inevitable deportation and ban from Canada. So, don’t lie on any application belonging to Canadian citizenship or PR status.
Sometimes it’s better not to answer the RQ. If you are present in Canada but don’t have sufficient documents to show, IRCC may consider that you did not meet the residence requirements. So, it is better to withdraw your application and apply again for Canadian citizenship.
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