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Canada Policy About Asylum Claimants and Refugees

The Covid-19 pandemic caused several effects on everyone’s life. Before this pandemic, several international issues needed to be highlighted worldwide, but this global crisis put everyone’s lives in trouble. For those of us who luckily live in a developed and safe country, with medical services and security, the pandemic has shaken and changed our everyday lives well, except it has not improved the situation of refugees.

Refugee claimants and asylum seekers don’t have the luxury of time to spend. They can not wait to improve their current situations or for their dangers to move. They now want to live a peaceful and happy life.

As we learn and see more about COVID-19, we need to implement effective strategies that allow those individuals to enter Canada. However, we ensure that Canadian citizens should remain safe in that current situation. Asylum seekers and refugee claimants ought to be viewed as fundamental travel. Nobody wishes to be a refugee.

Many countries including Canada, banned travel and closed their borders, leaving people needing shelter with no place to go. These people belong to the weakest immigrant group, leaving their countries to enter a large, homeless populace getting comfortable camps and temporary areas until such a period they can proceed with their journey to protection.

Sponsored Refugee Procedure

When the person you are waiting for is ready to travel, you will be reached out. You are required to provide the quarantine plan to the refugee board of Canada and confirm that you can welcome the sponsored refugee.

After arrival, the person will be required to complete their check-in with ArriveCAN.

The Arrival Process

Due to the global pandemic, each refugee is given special instruction about Covid-19 before leaving for Canada. They are provided information about how to monitor their health and protect them from COVID-19.

  • All individuals are required to undergo a fitness check and ensure that they are eligible to travel and be screened for any symptoms.
  • After arrival, they have a 3-day quarantine time in government-authorized service and are retested for COVID-19.
  • When a test result comes negative and a person completed the 3-day quarantine time, they are allowed to spend their remaining 14-days in isolation in your region.
  • People get aid from their private sponsors or the Resettlement Assistance Program. When they complete their isolation time, they can start to settle into their local area.
  • Every refugee needs to follow some strict rules and requirements before going to Canada. Due to this reason, the chances to bring Covid-19 and go undetected is low. 

COVID-19 emerges as a dangerous virus that we should get familiar with the best way to live with. We should also follow SOPs to prevent the spread and keep individuals secure. But close borders to asylum seekers and refugee claimants are not the correct way to protect ourselves. Canada needs these people, and they need us. You need to set up an effective strategy and plan to allow these people to make Canada their new home and keep those all around here secured.

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