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Medical Inadmissibility

A person who wants to move to Canada or is applying for temporary stay visa status (i.e. work, study or visit) needs to undergo medical examinations. If a person fails to pass the Canadian immigration medical examination, he/she will not be allowed to enter Canada. Three grounds can cause medically admissible, these are:
  1. Danger to the Canadian public health
  2. Danger to the Canadian public safety
  3. Their health conditions can cause excessive demand for health or social services.
Medical Inadmissibility

Health Issues that can Cause Medically Inadmissible

Here are the following health issues that can be found medically inadmissible.
  • Some impulsive sociopathic behavioural health conditions and illegal sexual disorders like paedophilia;
  • Some mental health disorders or paranoid states can harm others’ life
  • Substance abuse issues that lead to any physical damage to others, such as impaired driving or violence
Immigration officials may also consider a person inadmissible to Canada if his/her health will put excessive pressure on Canadian health or social services. If the medical examination report of an applicant shows excessive demand for health and social services than the average Canadian over a time of five years, that person is medically inadmissible to Canada. If an applicant’s medical issues take too much time for Canadians to access health and social services, that is also deemed excessive demand on health services and can lead to medical inadmissibility.
A person who is found to be medically inadmissible has the opportunity to enter Canada. A Temporary Resident Permit allows an individual to enter Canada if they want to be in a country that surpasses the danger of their presence in Canada. If there are valid humanitarian and compassionate grounds for an individual to be allowed into Canada, they can overcome medical inadmissibility.
When a foreign national applies for Canadian permanent residence status, the immigration officer will send a Procedural Fairness letter to the applicant if he believes that the applicant is medically inadmissible to Canada. The purpose of a Procedural Fairness Letter grants access to the applicant to respond to an accusation of medical inadmissibility.
Many psychological and medical conditions, including developmental delays, can cause Canada visa rejection for permanent residence. At Move Immigration services, we have discussed medical immigration cases right to the Supreme Court and are liable for most Canadian immigration medical inadmissibility cases that have formed this space of law which is very complicated. Only good consultancy can be the difference to ensure you are well represented.
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