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The IAD may allow an appeal that may depend on questions of law, fact, or mixed law and fact, or also provide special relief based on humanitarian and compassionate considerations under its fair jurisdiction. The IAD cannot consider humanitarian and compassionate factors until verifying that the appellant is a family class member and the sponsor fulfils the regulation requirements.

Types of Appeal

The Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) has several types of appeals on immigration-related issues. They include:
  • Family class sponsorship appeal against application refusal by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  • Removal orders appeal made against convention refugees, permanent residents, protected persons, and permanent resident visa holders.
  • Permanent residents appeal against IRRC officials who are found not to fulfill the residency obligations.
  • The Minister of Public Safety appeals against immigration decisions at admissibility hearings by the Canada immigration division of IRB, where the ID concludes that a person is not inadmissible.
If you want to file an appeal to the IAD under IRPA, the sponsor must be required to submit an officer’s written notice of refusal appeal to the IRB registry as soon as the appellant receives the reasons for the rejection of an application within 30 days. The IAD will provide the notice of appeal and written reasons for application rejection to the C&I Minister promptly against receipt of the documents.
The IAD will not accept the appeal of a permanent resident, foreign national, or a sponsor if they involve any of the following circumstances:
  • Inadmissible
  • Violated human rights, or international rights,
  • Become a part of any criminal activity or organized criminality
  • Imprisoned for two years or more
  • Misrepresentation
The person should submit the documents with the IAD within 20 days before receiving the written statement of hearing telling how and when the documents are provided to the other party. Medical documents need to submit within 60 days on the refusal of Canadian inadmissibility for health grounds before the hearing. The earlier submission of medical documents provides enough time for parties to assess any new medical proof before the hearing and, consequently, to help prevent delays.
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